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North Mymms Cricket Club – A Short History

North Mymms Cricket Club was founded in 1861 by the Church and gentry with the aim of encouraging sport and keeping the farmhands out of the local public houses. The club grew steadily through the years and c1900 several local clubs were amalgamated to form the present club which plays within the North Mymms Park estate.


Interrupted only by the Second World War, the club has produced fine players who have taken ‘Mymms’ to the highest level within Hertfordshire and beyond. A small, but successful, Colts section has ensured this development and ensures the club’s future.


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Many people have contributed to the club’s success over the years culminating in one of the finest clubs in the County with first rate facilities. There is, however, one person who stands out over some seven decades and that is the late Major-General Sir George Burns who was president for an amazing sixty-six years from 1931 to 1997. His encouragement and leadership was a great inspiration to the officers who served under him. The club is confident that the future will see the club maintain its status playing in safe and peaceful surroundings.
Ken King, President.
January 2018

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